Milk Line Frother Cleaner

Halo Milk Line Frother Cleaner is formulated with a complex blend of anionic surfactants, sequestrants, protein modifiers and emulsifying agents. This aims to remove milk deposits and help prevent milk stone build-up which diminishes machine performance.

Suitable for use in both commercial & domestic Brewing Machines where a milk steamer is present.

Simple to Private Own Label for your brand.


Milk Line Frother Cleaner Concentrate for Coffee Machines

  •  Fast Acting
  •  Removes Milk Deposits Rapidly
  •  Inhibits Milk Deposits re-forming
  •  Maintains frother’s optimum performance by preventing milk stone build-up
  •  For regular treatment
  • Can be used as an overnight soaking treatment, in machine cycle & for soaking

Note: Daily treatment is recommended rather than leaving residues to accumulate.

TOP TIP: Use with VERY Hot Water – Take Care

This is a professional strength product – handle with care & always read the label.

Always check machine manufacturer’s instructions before use.

Click to download safety data and product fact sheet below:

DS084 Milk Line Frother Cleaner

PN905 Halo Milk Frother Cleaner Fact Sheet

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