New Chlorine Tablet Pouch Pack Innovation

Chlorine Tablet Pouch Pack

Maclin have launched Pouch Packs for chlorine tablet packaging. These use 75% less plastic than conventional pots and lids and are UK produced, printed and packed.

The pouches offer 100% protection from moisture, UV light and dust, can be opened and re-sealed many hundreds of times and have natural built-in tamper evidence.

Pouches significantly reduce the number of lorries from the road and will reduce your waste disposal frequency and costs.

Pouches and labels are fully PP5 re-cyclable.

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Milk Module Cleaner for B2C Coffee Machines with Micro Siemens sensors

We can help save you money

Coffee machine manufacturers are finding increasingly innovative ways of ensuring customers have to buy their cleaning products. Some new machines have Micro Siemens sensors built in which dictate the Micro Siemens range whereby the cleaning chemical has to operate within or the cleaning function will not operate. Maclin can develop cleaners that aleviate this issue and meet the cleaning requirments at a lower cost.

Stove Glass Cleaning Paste

Stove & Multi-Fuel Burner Glass Cleaning Paste

A mildly abrasive paste loaded with a blend of detergents to remove soot and carbon deposits from Glass surfaces without scratching. Available Own Label in attractive small volumes.

Pool & Spa Waterline Paste

Maclin Launches Pool & Spa Waterline Cleaning Paste

Maclin have launched a Blue Coloured Mildly Abrasive High Detergency Waterline Cleaning Paste for easy removal of the Water & Tides marks seen in Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs & Spas.  The product in 350g comes with an applicator sponge.  5Kgs Trade Packs Also Avaiable.

After the water level is dropped, the sponge applicator loaded with paste is rubbed over the water tide mark, left for 5 minutes, then removed with the sponge.  The paste will remove all or minimise the appearance of fats, oils, grease & tide lines.  The waterline paste adheres vertically to plastics, pool liners, vinyl, tiles, concrete & fibreglass.  The product comes complete with a film cover to keep the paste moist.

Available in Private Own Label in 350g and 5Kgs.  Other sizes on request.  Low Minimum Order Quantities for Own Label.

Hand Sanitisers Certified to EN14476

Hand Sanitisers Tested to EN14476 Viruses

With the Covid-19 Crisis and Alcohol prices rocketing and gelling agents for hand sanitisers in short supply along with a shortage of packaging materials, Maclin have tried to be a bit creative with our approach to maintaining supplies.  In February, March & April, we managed to rapidly produce alternatives and make them available to buy on our online shop:

PN6047 Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser Aerosol

New ContaminEX Heavy Duty Wipes Remove Radioactive Isotopes

New Heavy Duty Wipes Remove Isotopes

A major UK Nuclear Decommissioning client has started using ContaminEX wipes at their Harwell site. Robots using wet wipes !

ContaminEX wipes were developed for Laboratories to remove trace elements of radio active isoptopes in Laboratory experiments.  In tests, the Nuclear reprocessing site found that the robots using ContaminEX wipes were able to reduce the presence of residual isotopes found on hard sufaces in the re-commissioning operations area.  Wiping the hard surfaces picks up low levels of radioactive isotopes that can contaminate the areas where future packing operations are to be carried out.

PN351 Contaminex Decontamination Wipes. 50 Large heavy duty wipes per foil pouch re-sealable pack.

Rail & Automotive Industry Deicer

Rail & Automotive Industry Deicer

Ice Melt XM is used by Network rail and the 10Kg pack meets Network Rail minimum handling limits.

With premium car brands, its important that the cars arrive in the showroom in great condition.  The dealer wants to do a minimal amount of work before the car goes into the showroom.   That can be tricky on long journeys such as when exporting.  The situation is exacerbated by extended time on a transporter or container on a ship.   Cars are usually wrapped in film for outward protection but the underneath of the cars is often exposed to environmental effects for prolonged periods.  In winter especially, one of the difficult areas to address with corrosion is the visible signs on suspension and disk brakes.  To minimise this problem, Jaguar Cars trialed Ice Melt XM automotive industry deicer.  Ice Melt XM automotive industry deicer granules are used to de-ice the roads between the factory and rail head for Export Cars thereby reducing visible signs of

Ice Melt XM is a salt free non-corrosive de-icer granule which is used to prevent ice forming in the first instance or for clearing ice that has already formed.  Easy to spread, long lasting and resists re-freezing.  Problem solved !   We carry extensive stock of Ice Melt XM automotive industry deicer from October/November onwards for the season.  Lead times on bulk are usually 2-3 days delivery.  Conveniently packed in 25 Kg sack – 40 per pallet (1 tonne).  We also provide 30L storage containers for when the sacks have been opened MORE INFO OR BUY NOW !

Its not just the automotive industry that has issues with corrosion from use Salt based products.  We’re increasingly finding that any Facility that has concourses using aluminium entrance doors, terrazzo flooring or where new REBAR concrete has been laid, can all benefit from using Ice Melt XM – Helping protect your assets

Water Purification Tablets – Nepal

Nepal Crisis.   We were inundated with orders for Emergency Water Purification Tablets for the Nepal Crisis.  Whether it was private individuals or charities that ordered, we donated 000’s of extra tablets to their orders whilst keeping up with demand.

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