Milk Frother Cleaner Dosing Measure Bottle

Halo Milk Line Frother Cleaner Concentrate contains a complex blend of anionic surfactants, sequestrants, protein modifiers and emulsifying agents designed to remove milk deposits and help prevent calcium scale build up.

  • Suitable for use in both Commercial & Domestic Brewing Machines where a milk steamer is present.
  • Easy to use Measure and Dispenser for accurate and correct dosages for enhanced cleaning performance.
  • For use in Fresh Milk Bean to Cup Machines.
  • Simple to Private Own Label for your brand.



Halo Milk Line Frother Cleaner with Dosing Measure Bottle

Our Milk Line Frother Cleaner is formulated to remove milk deposits and help prevent milk stone build-up which diminishes machine performance.

  •  For Commercial & Domestic Drinks Brewer Machines.
  •  Fast Acting.
  •  Removes Milk Deposits Rapidly and Prevents Reformation.
  •  Maintains frother optimum performance by preventing milk stone build-up.
  •  For regular treatment.
  •  Can be used as an overnight soaking treatment, in machine cycle and for soaking.
  •  Promotes improved milk texture, better microfoam and faster milk frother time.

Note: Daily treatment is recommended rather than leaving residues to accumulate.

TOP TIP: Use with VERY Hot Water – Take Care

This is a professional strength product – handle with care & always read the label.

Always check machine manufacturer’s instructions before use.

Click to download safety data and product fact sheet below:

DS084 Milk Line Frother Cleaner

PN911 Halo Milk frother Cleaner Bettix Measure Fact Sheet

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