Track Record

NEW 2023 Re-cyclable Pouch Packing Technology for Chlorine Tablets  – uses 75% less plastic than conventional pots and lids.  Pouches provide 100% environmental protection for the tablets from UV, moisture and dust and have built-in tamper evidence.  Pouches are more drop resistant than pots and do not crack or break plus there are no lids or closures to become seperated. Pouches make a huge contribution to reducing your sustainability tragets by using less plastic. reducing transport and waste disposal costs.
Pool & Spa Waterline Cleaning Paste – this water safe cleaning paste is designed to remove the tide lines that develop around the pool edge where the water meets the air and hard deposits can form.  Easy and safe to use without the need to change the pool water.  Improves pool appearance.  Available in small and bulk packs for trade use.
Beer Tap Cleaning Tablets – simply dissolve in water to sanitise beer taps with an overnight soak.
Multi Fuel Stove Glass Cleaning Paste – easy to use mildly abrasive detergent paste removes soot and carbon deposits.  Available in 400g pots Own Label.
100% Pure Alcohol Surface Spray Aerosol- delivers a 100% alcohol liquid to any surface for cleaning.  Cleans Electrical componentry and any non-porous hard surface.  Large 500ml aerosol spray. Simply spray onto surface, leave 30 second and wipe with paper towels or dry wiper. Own Label available.
COVID 19 Back to Work Kits – pre-pack Perosnal, small & large office back to work kits containing Masks, Gloves, Wipes, Hand gel.  Takes the risk away from ordering from multiple sites.  See Covid Kits.
Halo Branded Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets – suitable for B2C Machines as well as Domestic machines with a cleaning cycle. Rapidly dissole in hot water.  Remove Coffee stains and oils.  We can Private Label for you.
70% Alcohol Hand Sprays – we produced a 100ml & 150ml Hand Sanitiser Sprays.  Quick and Easy to Use. Kills Viruses, Bacteria, Molds and Fungi.  Now available with 1 Litre Refill. Own Label available.
Virus Killing Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser 200ml Aerosol – Produced a foaming mousse with moisturiser that is gentler than traditional alcohol based products.  Quickly absorbed.  Tested to EN14476 Viruses, EN1276 Bacteria, EN1500 Hygienic Hand Rub, EN13704 Spores, EN1650 Moulds and EN13727 Medical Instruments.
DeContaminex Nuclear Decommissioning Wipes  – these heavy duty wipes are designed to pick up radioactive isotopes from hard surfaces.  Developed in conjunction with one of the largest UK decommissioning companies.
Coffee & Tea Machine Cleaning Tablet for a major European Launch by one of the worlds biggest brands.  Dissolves in hot water to clean away Tannin Stains and Oils.  Keeps the machine clean and hygienic.
Ultra High Temperature Matt Grey Paint for the Fireplace Industry
NEW –  SPA BATH CONDITIONER System for a major Pools Supply Company. The conditioner reduces the requirement for additional chemicals such as chlorine, pH balancers etc. Containers a unique balancing system that keeps water floculated, clear & sparkly.
Directly Imported Salt Free Ice Melt XM – supplying via Distributors & FM companies to a wide industry selection: shopping centres, rail, car parks, councils, Rigs and more..
South England Council – established an instant fulfillment system for next working day orders for cleaning & hygiene products.
Global Cruise Lines – re-sourced a key disposable for them saving potentially £8k p.a. versus the major brand they previously used.
Aston Martin – Supplied specialist wipes for a cleansing task
NHS Opthalmics – False eye division. Suitable alternative found for current method of disinfection 2011.
Fireplace Accessory Range for “The Gallery” – The UKs largest supplier to the Independent Fireplace Trade
Seeking an alternative manufacturer, Maclin’s sourcing services proved invaluable in helping us re-source a speciality niche, difficult to manufacture tablet for Hospital application. We will definitely use their services again.”Director Guest Medical Ltd
“One of our Chemical reagent products  required a specialised chemical tablet component. Maclin developed the tablet which enabled us to seamlessly produce and market this product” Neil Durham Managing Director, Wagtech International Ltd


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