About Maclin Group

Established over 20 years ago but with over 30 years of industry experience, Maclin Group produce and supply a range of Cleaning, Hygiene and Maintenance Chemical products, manufactured in the UK and shipped worldwide to over 50 countries. We are a BS EN ISO 9001:2015 accredited company and have GMP 360 Certification.

We supply to UK and International clients who serve various industries including: Facilities Management; Hospital, Care and Institutional; Schools, Colleges and Universities; Food and Catering Establishments; Gym and Leisure Facilities; Rail Networks and Government Organisations.

Some of our clients include:

  • NHS
  • Cruise Lines
  • The Gallery
  • Network Rail
  • Magnox

Our specialist expertise area is in tabletting, especially in Chlorine (NaDCC) based products, which offer a safer and more accurate alternative to liquid bleach products. Our tablets are formulated for use in Hospital Disinfection, Hard Surface Sanitising, Water Treatment and Salad Washing.

We produce Private Own Label and Prosan Branded Chlorine Tablets packed into Tubs and our innovative 100% Recyclable Pouch Packs which reduce plastic consumption by 75%.

As well as Chlorine, Maclin’s extensive product range includes:

  • Ice Melt XM: A salt-free non-corrosive de-icer granule used extensively by Rail Networks, FM Companies, Casr Park Operators, Educational establishments and Builders.
  • Coffee and Vending Machine Cleaning Products: Our “Halo” range (hyperlink if you can) of tablets, powders and liquids for coffee, tea and milk lines is also available for Private Label.
  • Flame and Fireproofing Treatment: A flame retardant suitable for most absorbent natural fabrics and papers.
  • Impregnated Wet Wipes: Food safe, plastic free, biodegradable options.
  • Body Fluid Spillage Powder:  For non-hazardous body fluid spills.
  • Leisure and Gym Equipment Sanitisers: Solutions and Wipes.

Product and Range Development:

We work with customers to develop and formulate new product variations and dosages according to their special requirements in terms of formulation, design and packaging.

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