Environmental and Sustainability Policy Statement 2020

 Maclin Group is an organisation specialising in the sourcing and sale of a wide range of cleaning, hygiene & maintenance and related products and is based in Suffolk.  We have a small workforce of permanent and temporary employees dedicated to providing a speedy and efficient small order pick pack service to our customers as well as bulk product supply in private label format and as an organisation we are committed to :

  • improving our products;
  • improving our customers’ experience;
  • reducing the impact of our activities on the environment

As a responsible organisation we plan to operate, grow and develop in a sustainable manner.  We pride ourselves on being closely integrated into the economic, cultural and social life of the local area and strive to ensure we demonstrate a managed and caring approach to the environment and play an active role in promoting sustainability.

We recognise and are committed to reducing the environmental impacts of all our organisation’s operations. 

It is our Policy to: 

  • Integrate where possible, Environmental Management into our day-to-day operations.
  • Meet and where appropriate exceed all relevant legislation, industry standards and regulations.
  • Minimise our consumption of natural resources in relation to:
    • Energy and water efficiency
    • Waste minimisation and recycling
    • Sustainable procurement and influencing suppliers and contractors
    • Transport policies and fuel use
  • Identify, monitor and minimise aspects of our operation that have an impact on the environment. Including prevention of pollution by reducing emissions and discharges.
  • Provide appropriate environmental education, training and communication for staff to raise awareness of environmental issues
  • Make this Environmental Policy visible and understandable
  • Demonstrate continuous improvement in all of our activities which impact on the environment

Maclin Group’s activities and their impact are kept under constant review and are monitored against our Environmental Policy and against new trends and legislation that apply. In this way Maclin Group will continue to operate responsibly and strive with our community, suppliers and customers to protect our environment.

Adrian Lindfield  – Managing Director

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