All Purpose Descaler Concentrate

Rapid Descaler Concentrate contains Phosphoric Acid for rapid action and effective removal of scale build up.

  • Contains scale inhibitors and surfactants for lifting off the scale.
  • Available in 1Litre Bottles and 5Litre refills.;
  • Suitable for Hot & Cold Water.
  • Simple to Private Own Label for your brand.


All Purpose Descaler Concentrate (28% Phosphoric Acid) with Surfactants 

  • Use for Descaling washing machines, irons, kettles, taps, toilets, vending machines, beverage machines, coffee machines etc.
  • Fast Action
  • Inhibits scale reforming
  • Suitable for Vending, Catering, Washrooms and Industrial

This is a professional strength product – handle with care & always read the label.

TOP TIP: Water must be Very Hot – DO NOT ALLOW TO BOIL.
Do not leave unattended in a kettle that has been switched on.

Click to download safety data sheet below:

DS052 Descaler Concentrate

PN907 Descaler Concentrate Fact Sheet

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