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New ContaminEX Heavy Duty Wipes Remove Radioactive Isotopes

New Heavy Duty Wipes Remove Isotopes

A major UK Nuclear Decommissioning client has started using ContaminEX wipes at their Harwell site. Robots using wet wipes !

ContaminEX wipes were developed for Laboratories to remove trace elements of radio active isoptopes in Laboratory experiments.  In tests, the Nuclear reprocessing site found that the robots using ContaminEX wipes were able to reduce the presence of residual isotopes found on hard sufaces in the re-commissioning operations area.  Wiping the hard surfaces picks up low levels of radioactive isotopes that can contaminate the areas where future packing operations are to be carried out.

PN351 Contaminex Decontamination Wipes. 50 Large heavy duty wipes per foil pouch re-sealable pack.

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