Bio Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder

A new and greener solution!

Halo Bio Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder is formulated to effectively remove tannin stains and reduce scale build up.

  • Phosphate-Free
  • Clear of GMOs and Animal Derivatives
  • Natural Plant Based Ingredient
  • Biodegradable Components


HALO Bio Espresso Coffee Machine Cleaning Powder 

This powder is a new greener cleaning solution, formulated to perform as well as industry leading brands using a natural plant-based ingredient. With its active oxygen-based formula, it rapidly removes tannin stains & coffee oils from groupheads, pipe systems, valves and lines whilst keeping scale under control.

Bio Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder contains a cleaning control system to help control metal ions in the water and prevent cleaning debris particulate re-disposition on machine surfaces.

  • Biodegradable and phosphate free formula with ingredient from natural sources
  • Effectively cleans to maintain coffee machine performance for fresher and better tasting cups of coffee
  • Quick dissolving and fast acting which helps reduce operator cleaning time
  • Formulated to help reduce scale and prevent organic cleaning material from re-depositing on machine parts


Click to download safety data and product fact sheet below:

DS170 HALO Bio Espresso Machine Cleaner Powder

PN917/918 Halo Bio Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder

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