Solvent Based Beaded Hand Cleaner


Solvent Based Beaded Hand Cleaner

This red coloured gel contains solvents with oils & detergents combined with rounded polyethylene beads for mild abrasive action.

Advanced formula cleans hands and skin whilst it moisturises & protects.

Quickly removes heavy industrial grease, dirt & grime from skin & hands whilst re-moisturising & protecting the skin.

The beaded hand cleanser is solvent based.

No need for water & therefore ideal for factories, garages, building, printing, engineering & vans etc.

Safe for repeated use.

HIGHLY ECONOMICAL IN-USE: A single 5ml application (using pump) gives 1,000 cleans per tub

Available in:

5 Litre Tub – as pic (dispensing pumps available)

Other sizes available on request

Branded or Own Label


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