Fire Retardant Liquid – 5 Litre

Flame-X Fire Proofing Spray Ready to Use

  • Applied by Spray, Brush or Dip.
  • Suitable Natural Fabrics & Paper Based Products.
  • Treats 8 – 10 sq meters per litre dependent on its absorbency

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Ready to Use Fire Retardant Liquid.

  • DIY or Professional use
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Apply by Spray, Brush or Dip immersion
  • Carpets & Upholstery Fabrics (natural and mixture)
  • Suitable for treatment of bunting, tents, gazebos etc. as used in outdoor events.
  • Treats all Natural Fabrics & Paper.

A number of factors can adversely affect the ability of Fire Retardant to be absorbed into the fabric or paper and can seriously affect the performance of Fire Retardant:

– If the material been already treated with Water Repellant

– If the material been already treated with Stain Guard or Treatment

– If the fabric was treated with Flame Retardant but has since been exposed to environmental conditions such as rain, snow or wind for example

– If it has been exposed to a lot of wear and tear since the last treatment (abrasion, storage etc)

Note:  Performance is dependent on the quality of application, the type of fabric and the nature and intensity of fire/flame the fabrics etc. are exposed to.  Coverage varies according to the absorption rate of the fabric.

Top Tip: Paper or Fabrics must be treated both sides – so if you are spraying, spray the reverse of the material.

Treating Fabrics etc. can give you precious extra time to evacuate or fight the fire before flames take hold.

Click to download safety data sheet below:

DS047 FlamEx Flame Retardant


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