XS Detergent Chlorine Tablets (3.4g NaDCC)

Prosan Plus XS is a fast dissolving effervescent chlorine tablet combined with an anionic detergent for one-stage cleaning and disinfection. 

  • Double Strength – 2,000 ppm in 1 Litre
  • Fast Dissolving
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Speciality Tested to:  BS EN 1276, 1650, 13704, 13697, 14476 (Coronavirus)    
  • World wide shipping 

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Double Strength Detergent Chlorine Tablets – 3.4g NaDCC 

These Prosan Extra strength Detergent Chlorine Tablet products are referred to under different names but they are all the same active ingredient known as sodium dichloroisocyanurate (Trolosene sodium, NaDCC) and often referred to as:

  • Detergent Chlorine, Detergent Chlorination, Detergent Sanitiser or Detergent Bleach Tablets
  • SoChlor Plus, Chlor-Clean & Actichlor Plus (are typical branded examples)

In Hospitals, to make a one-stage sanitising solution, dilute 1 tablet in 2 Litre of water to give a 1,000 ppm sanitsing solution for “Environmental Disinfection” – 5 minute contact time. For Sporicidal – C.difficile Sanitising, double time and allow 10 Minutes contact time.

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Used for a variety of disinfection tasks in Hospital, Food Production & Catering, Care, Nursing, Medical and many more applications. Easy to calculate precise dosing requirement and excellent for due diligence applications: 1 tablet in 200 ml = 10,000 parts per million available chlorine 1 tablet in 1 Litre = 2,000 parts per million available chlorine 1 tablet in 2 Litres = 1,000 parts per million available chlorine 1 tablet in 10 Litres = 200 parts per million available chlorine 1 tablet in 20 Litres = 100 parts per million available chlorine

  • Neutral Detergent – improve cleaning performance without impairing disinfection
  • Quick Dissolving – tablets are effervescent.  TOP TIP: Pre-dissolve in warm water to speed up dissolution time and improve cleaning ability
  • 120 Tablets per tub, packed 6 per case.
  • 22.4mm diameter tablet
  • Long shelf life, Compact & Easy to Store

USES AND EFFECTIVENESS – 6.5g Double Strength Detergent Chlorine Tablets (3.4g NaDCC, 2,000 ppm/L) PRODUCT APPLICATIONS:   

Typical Uses in Private & Public Health areas:

  • Floor & Tile Mopping in Hospitals
  • Non metallic medical and veterinary appliances
  • Cloths and Glassware
  • General disinfection
  • Body fluid spills
  • Drains, Sinks, W.C’s
  • Laboratory Discard jars
  • Conditions of heavy soiling
  • Veterinary hygiene
  • General hygiene
  • Food preparation areas; non metallic equipment, containers, consumption utensils, work surfaces, stainless steel (catering grade)

   Guidelines for the use of Detergent Chlorine Tablets for mops & cloths:  After cleaning mops or cloths, make up a 100ppm chlorine solution in 20L of warm water.  Soak for Minimum 30 minutes.  Do not leave soaking overnight.   Guidelines for the use of  6.5g  Detergent Chlorine Tablets for food preparation surfaces & food processing equipment: Remove loose debris with a clean, loosely-folded cloth. Wash with a hot neutral detergent solution and cloth. An abrasive nylon pad may also be useful. Rinse with hot water and a clean cloth. Drop one tablet per 10 Litres of warm (not Hot) water to make solution. Wipe or Spray the solution to be Sanitised and leave wet for a minimum of 3 minutes. (Providing the surface is thoroughly clean this is sufficient contact time for positive disinfection.) Rinse off with fresh, clean water or allow to air-dry or use disposable paper towel.


Instructions for the use of Tablets in NHS & Hospitals:   

6.5g Detergent Chlorine Tablets–Typical  Hospital Usage
1 Tablet in: Gives Available Chlorine of: Task: Method:
200 ml 10,000 ppm Body Fluid Spills 3 Minutes minimum contact time
800 ml 2,500 ppm Laboratory Discard Jars Soak Overnight
1 Litres 2,000 ppm General Hospital Environmental Disinfection 5 Min Contact Time
5 Litres 400 ppm Drains, W.C’s, Sinks etc Pour in at quiet times
10 Litres 200 ppm General Cleaning (Low/Med Risk Areas) Allow to air dry or leave 3 minutes & use paper disposable towels
20 Litres 100 ppm  Cloths Mops etc  30 Minutes.  Do not leave overnight
  • Ebola –  20,000 parts per million – 1 Tablet in 100ml or 10 tablets in 1 Litre solution.
  • Hospital Sporicidal Cleaning – C.difficile –  double contact time to 10 Minutes

NOTE:  All of the above information is offered without any implied warranty or indemnity.  The user should satisfy themselves that the product is being used in accordance with local guidelines and instructions. END.  

Click to download safety data sheet below:

DS053 Detergent Chlorine XS Tablets

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