Contract Gym Wipes – 2000 Wipe Bucket & Refill

Contract Gym equipment Wipes

  • A smaller 15 x 20cm wipe means more wipes per bucket.
  • Effective against All Food Poisoning Bacteria, Fungi, Moulds, MRSA & C Difficile
  • Safe in skin contact.

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Gym Equipment Wipes 2000 Sheet Buckets & Refills 

Contract Gym wipes are convenient for all sizes of Gyms!

  • Gym Equipment Wipes are Safe to use on all gym equipment surfaces including VDU Screens.
  • Sanitiser is even re-activated by sweat giving long lasting protection.
  • The polypropylene non-woven material is superb for wiping and sanitising to clean effectively.


Refill bags can be used to replenish the buckets or be placed in our Wall Mounted or Floor Standing Dispensers –  Save on plastic waste and help the environment!

  • Economical as its less than 1p per wipe
  • Pre-dose wipes reduce costs and risks by having an accurate sanitising system that is only used in direct contact with the gym equipment.  This means there is no over spray or liquid atomisation.

To use:


Remove the Bucket Lid and tease out the first few wipes from the centre of the wipe log. Then feed the first wipe through the aperture hole in the lid an inch or two and replace the lid.

Refills for the Bucket

Tip the contents of the bag into the bucket and the wipes will be orientated correctly to show the first wipe in the centre of the log exposed. Then tease it out as above and feed through the lid.

TOP TIP: Turn the refill bag upside down and cut off the bottom of the bag.

Refill Bags for the Wall Mounted and Floor Standing Dispenser Systems

Place in the Dispenser keeping the wipes in the bag and tease it out as above and feed the first wipe through the lid aperture. After that, close and lock the dispenser.

TOP TIP: Keep the bag the correct way up so the first few wipes from the core are upwards.



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