Prosan Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser

An alcohol free QAC based foaming hand sanitiser in 600ml Foaming pump bottle and 5 Litre refills.


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Prosan Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser – 5 Litre REFILL

Prosan Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser is a QAC based sanitiser with good antimicrobial, foaming and rinsing properties.  Contains moisturiser.

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser has been especially developed to work “hand in hand” with alcohol hand gels & to be used in rotation to help reduce skin irritation & dermatitis.

Suitable for use in cross-infection control programmes in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Emergency Services, Food Area, Schools Nurseries, etc.  Tested EN1276.

Our professional Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser requires either PN603 600ml pump unit or a suitable Brightwell Dispenser with Foaming Nozzle  (400ml, 900ml or 2 Litre)

Call us on 01284 810 887 for Bulk & Volume Prices direct from our Factory.      NOTE:  This product can be freely exported).


Available in:

PN603; 600 ml Foaming Pump Bottle

Wall Mounted Wire Bracket to fit above.

PN611:  5 Litre Refill

PN605 Pelican Pump to fit above 5 Litre.

Branded or Private Own Label

Our Antibacterial Foaming Hand Sanitizer is economical in use – 1 pump is sufficient to sanitise hands.   For BEST RESULTS we recommend that you wash hands throughly prior to use. 

Always rotate Antibacterial Hand Products –  try rotating Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser with our Prosan 70% Alcohol Gel.


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