Ice Melt XM ® – 10Kgs Deicer Sacks

Faster, Greener, Safer 

Ice Melt XM is a non-corrosive salt-free de-icer granules used to either prevent ice forming or to rapidly melt and free up existing ice.

Meet Network Rail Manual handling Guidelines. Packed 100 x 10Kgs per Pallet (1 Tonne)

For bulk quantities, please Call 01284 810 887 for price and availability.


10 Kg Ice Melt XM® Sacks

Ice Melt XM will melt through existing ice to release the surface tension which make clearing far easier!

Laid before a frost, it will prevent ice forming.


Ice Melt XM De-Ices on Contact
100% Active Ice Melt – no filler
Long Lasting – retains ability to for up to 36 hours
Dual Action – works to -10oc, acts from top down & bottom up
Salt Free – Non-Corrosive to Concrete including Newly Laid Rebar Concrete, Metals & Terrazzo
Up to 10x more effective than Rock salt
Biodegradable, Non Toxic – safe for children, animals & plants

 Appearance: White Round Granules (like very small beads)

 Storage:  Keep dry. Shelf life if stored correctly – up to 5 years


Technical: Salt Ice Melt XM
Lowest working temperature: -8oC -10oC
Lasts: After a thaw – Needs re-applying as will re-freeze at a higher temp. Up to 36 Hours – Retains its   de-icing capability
Corrosion Characteristics: Highest Corrosion Characteristic of any deicer product Low (no more corrosive than water)
Biodegradable: No Highly Bio-degradable
Bio accumulative: Yes No
Coverage: Salt Tends to be used liberally Thick ice – 200-5002m per 10Kg

Thin ice – 500-1,0002m per 10Kg

Application: Generally hand applied Can be spreader applied. 


Why not use Salt when its cheaper?

Salt is highly corrosive & in the immediate short term will leave track marks on carpets etc and damage clothing, shoes (leave indelible white lines on leather)

Mid term, salt will start to corrode concrete and should not be used on REBAR concrete for at least 1 year.  Salt will also kill plant life, corrode all metals (but especially aluminium types used for entrance doorways) & start to affect carpets.  Salt is particularly scratchy and will mark hard floors such as wood, marble etc.  Long term, floorings will need to be replaced, they will also smell.  Staff & customers will have to walk through the diluted salt solution in the form of slush with the resulting damage highlighted about.  Cars will have to run over the salted areas.

Follow these simple steps to reduce consumption and get the best from the Professional Ice Melt XM:

1. Clear any excess loose snow as this simply dilutes the product and makes it ineffective.
2. When you have exposed the residual ice, scatter the prills evenly over the surface. Dilution rates are difficult to recommend as it depends on the ice thickness. At about 2.5mm of ice, use about 1kg per 20-50 sq metres.
3. Works instantly and keeps working for 2-3 hours. Excess ice can be readily moved with a spade or shovel without any undue pressure. If not, re-apply or leave a couple of hours longer.
4. Do not then rinse the surface as any residual Ice Melt XM will cling to the surface and help prevent re-icing.

1. Sprinkle the Ice Melt at a rate of approx 1kg per 20-50 sq m onto a dry surface ensuring that no rain or wet snow is falling. Do not use in very windy conditions as product may blow away.
2. When temperatures drop below freezing, Ice Melt XM is activated and will prevent freezing for up to 36 hours depending on conditions.
3. Any ice that may form can be readily removed

Top Tips: Do not use on deep snow as Ice Melt will be wasted, so clear excess first. Do not use in windy conditions as Ice Melt will blow away.

Cautions: Non hazardous but we suggest wear gloves in case of skin sensitivity and goggles if a little windy.

Click to download safety data and product fact sheet below:

DS030 Ice Melt xm – Rev 5

Ice Melt Product Fact Sheet Maclin

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