Gym Sanitising Wipes – Various Sizes

Gym Sanitising Wipes are suitable for all hard Surfaces, Equipment and VDU Screens. 

  • Best for value, quality, compactness of packaging and all round performance
  • Dual Action Sanitiser which is even re-activated by sweat.
  • Refill … Don’t Landfill
  • Refills suitable for Buckets and Wall Mounted Dispensers.

We Produce both Branded and Own Label and Export Globally.

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Gym Sanitising Wipes

  • 25gsm Poly Viscose Polycotton mix (except Contract Wipes – see below) non-woven impregnated wipe system.
  • Each wipe measures 20x20cm* (approx 8″ x 8″).

Dual action biocide kills Bacteria, MRSA, E Coli & Viruses. Gym Sanitising Wipes are tested to BS EN 1276 (under dirty conditions).

FYI: Poly viscose substrate is highly absorbent and has good 2 directional strength allowing for a high loading of biocide & detergent on the wiper which transfer onto the surface to be sanitised.   The embossed non woven is very good at collecting and holding dirt from the wiped system.  Always allow a few minutes to air dry or dry using disposable paper towels.

Safe to use on VDU screens – dry with paper towels to prevent smearing.

Available in Branded “Prosan” or your Own Label

Pack Size Case Size Wipe Size
200 sheet TUB X6 20x20cm
1000 Sheet BUCKET X1 20x20cm
1000 Sheet REFILL BAG X4 20x20cm
1500 Sheet BUCKET X1 20x20cm
1500 Sheet REFILL BAG X2 20x20cm
NEW Contract Wipe – 4 layer Poly Viscose
2000 Sheet BUCKET X1 20x15cm*

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