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Our Impregnated Food Wipes are typically 23gsm – 25gsm poly cotton embossed non woven which offer excellent multi-directional strength, good absorbency and carry one of the highest loading of sanitizing solution in the industry.   This allows for good spread of sanitizing agent whilst having the ability to pick up and absorb clean-as-you-go spills.


The dual action formula is a QAC & Biguanide mix with an IPA head-space protection preservative.   QAC & Biguanides work synergistically to kill all food poisoning bacteria, MRSA, C Dificile, Viruses & Fungi.  Passes BS EN 1276 in dirty conditions.

Product is converted & filled in the UK to exacting standards and is available as follows:

Application Pack Size Wipe Size Outer Size
Temperature Probes 200 wipes 13x7cm 6 Tubs
Probes, Surfaces, Knives etc 200 wipes 20x20cm 6 Tubs
Large pack for high volume areas 1000 sheet 20x20cm 1 x Bucket4 x Refill Bags
1500 sheet 20x20cm 1 x Bucket2 x Refill Bags
Low Cost Wiping – Quatro style poly viscose material.  Smaller wipe, less absorbent, wetter. 2000 sheet 20x15cm

1 x Bucket

2 x Refill Bags

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